Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Marriage Tips

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♥ Have fun just being together.

♥ Love each other and share common goals. 

♥ Give each other plenty of space to grow.

♥ Agree that sometimes it's okay to disagree.

♥ Do everything you can to express your love. 

♥ Everyone has problems - just stay together and work them out.

♥ Talk things out and never give up!

♥ Make it right, even if you weren't at fault.

♥ Cooperation is the most important thing.

♥ Realize that neither of you is perfect.

♥ Work as a team.

♥ Never get too old to hold hands.

♥ Never let a day go by without telling each other, "I Love You"

♥ Don't take things too seriously.

♥ Don't expect to have everything right at the start.

♥ Don't get mad over little things - they'll soon pass. 

♥ Don't be afraid to express your affection.

♥ Don't disagree immediately, discuss both sides.

♥ Don't expect everything in your marriage to be perfect. 

♥ Always be best friends with your partner.

♥ Always be honest, faithful and true to each other.

♥ Always try to please each other.

♥ Always respect one another.

♥ Learn to bend and not break.

♥ Learn to be unselfish. Always put the other's interest first.

♥ Learn to love and appreciate the good in each other.

♥ Spend quality time with your spouse and children.

♥ If you can't change something, learn to live with it.

♥ Focus on the things that matter and let the little things slide.

♥ Remember, it's not important to always be right.

♥ Be able to compromise when there is a difference of opinion.

♥ A good marriage is give and take - but mostly give.

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