Monday, 13 February 2012

My Alphabet

السلام عليكم & Hi :)

Actually, tag ini aku dapat dari tumblr. 
Tak tahu nak update apa coz photo tak upload lagi.
Nanti dah upload baru cerita. Lagipun tak best rasanya nak cerita tanpa photo ;P

Courtesy Of Google. TQ

My Alphabet

A- Available : No

B- Birthday : 6 Jun 

C- Crushing On : Paul Wesley. LOL

D- Drink you last had : Nescafe.

E- Easiest person to talk to : My hubs

F- Favorite song : Depends on my mood. LOL

G- Grossest memory : IDK

H- Hometown : Likas, maybe ;P

I- In love with : My hubs

J- Jealous of : Someone who knows how to handle their child ;)

K- Killed someone : No except kill cockroach.

L- Longest friendship : Nurul ^^ 12 years

N- Number of siblings : 5

O- One wish : Fulfill everyone wish :D

P- Person who called you last : My friend L.

Q- Question you’re always asked : Where you have been?

R- Reason to smile : 9gag :P

S- Song you last sang : 2 become 1. LOL

T- Time you woke up : 0530 am

U- Underwear color : Purple. LOL

V- Violent moment you had : Fighting with mosquito. LOL

W- Worst habit : Speak loud =.="

X- X-rays you had : Tooth in 2010.

Y- Your last kiss : My hubs

Z- Zodiac sign : Gemini

The end. Kalau rajin sila buat! Tak paksa pun ;)


  1. Hello Rinah, ha ha, I love your humour. Easiest person to talk to? Hubby.
    Not many wives will say that, ha ha.....
    Okay, now we know about you.....
    Have fun and keep a song in your heart.

  2. @Uncle Lee
    Hi Uncle Lee, it's the truth, no need to hide. hahaha
    You should try this also ;)
    I will, and you too Uncle Lee.


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