Wednesday, 24 July 2013


"" Dukacita dimaklumkan bahawa bonus raya tiada pada tahun ini. Sekian ""

Serius aku sangat dukacita.
Why? :(
Dah lah aku berharap sangat dengan bonus nie coz nak sponsor baju untuk mak.
Bajet nak balik kampung hubs lagi.
Sungguh bikin turn off mood nak beraya.



  1. Hi, regret to read you tada bonus..... Why? The company not making money? Anyway....have hope, siapa tau, maybe they might.
    How's baby?
    Best wishes, selamat berpuasa,

    1. Hello Uncle Lee, I feel so hopeless for now.
      I don't know why suddenly this year no bonus.
      The company seems doing fine and got more profit. huhu
      Baby Izul growing so fast. He's now can crawl.
      I'm so excited and happy to see his new development and more to come.
      Thank you.


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