Tuesday, 13 December 2011

1 Family Fiesta

السلام عليكم & Hi :)

Orang-orang Sabah jangan lupa mark calendar kamu! 1 Family Fiesta akan diadakan pada 17-18 Disember ini. Tempat adalah di Padang Merdeka, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

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The 1Family Fiesta 2011 is a family themed event. Hence, its main intention is to foster and strengthen family bond and relationships through family-friendly event.
1 Family Fiesta is for all ages, from kids - youth - grown ups - the elderly. It will be fun for your kids (inflatable castle & slide, face-painting, balloon artistry, popcorn, a petting zoo, clowns, sport car displays, magic shows, blood donation, health screening and more!). Plus there are FREE educational talks and puppet shows for all of our guests!

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p/s : Insya Allah akan datang kalau tiada halangan :)


  1. Hello Rinah, this should be fun for everyone, the children especially. Plenty of fun and entertainment, and food too.
    You orang Sabah, kan? I love KK, been there few times back in the '70s, 80s.
    You have fun this family fiesta.....
    Best regards,

  2. @Uncle Lee
    Hi Uncle Lee, its family fiesta definitely fun like you say.
    Ya, I'm Sabahan. I thought you know it based my blog writing. LOL
    Glad you have been here in KK. Today KK is different from the '70s, 80s. But still its nice place to spend holiday here.
    Thank you. You have a nice day.


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