Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Day by day [1]

السلام عليكم & Hi :)

16 Sep 2011

Happy Malaysia Day.
Wake up early just to watch the celebration Malaysia Day on channel tv1 :)
After finish watching, baru sibuk-sibuk buat house chores and etc. For lunch I cook fish soup.
On evening, we watch movie that I get from Shi Ming. *Thanks Shi Ming :)
After watching the movie, I went to supermarket. To buy ingredients for dadih which I bring to baby school hari raya open house.
Dinner, hubs cook. Goreng ikan je :P

17 Sep 2011

Wake up early to iron my clothes and baby. Then, have a bath, bersiap and ready to go to baby school hari raya open house.
The open house should be start on 9am. But its start late from the schedule because some parents arrive late. huhu
Anyway its still fun thou.
My dadih finish fast :) They said its delicious. *happy to hear that. hehehe

18 Sep 2011

We suppose to go to Gaya Street sunday market. But we wake up late. So, the plan is cancel T.T
Start day with regular activity.

19 Sep 2011

Day of celebration, hubs 27th birthday and 7th wedding anniversary.
Happy birthday hubs and congrats to us.
We didn't celebrate yet. Went to makan-makan only.

20 Sep 2011

Day busy for me. Lot of work. But I manage to finish it all. Alhamdulillah.

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