Wednesday, 11 December 2013



Cantikkan date hari ini?! hehehe
Minggu lalu, join contest di fb McDonald's Malaysia.
Sharing the Singing Bone Hello Kitty wall post.
And guess what? I'm won it :D
Hadiahnya adalah 5 patung Fairy Tale Hello Kitty collection.
Hadiah akan dihantar dalam 4-6 minggu lagi.
Harap-harap cepatlah McDonald's Malaysia hantar.
Aku excited nie ;P hahaha

:: Fairy Tale Hello Kitty collection ::

:: Winner announcement ::

Take care.


  1. hai RInahh.
    Tq sbb dtg blogwalking blog ika :)
    So ika ada buat entry untuk menjawab soalan Rinah
    Beauty box yang tawarkan penghantaran ke Sabah n sarawak

    1. Hai Ika.
      Sama-sama kasih :)
      Tq. Lepas nie boleh langgan beauty box dah. hehehe

  2. Hi Rinah, love those cute hello Kitty dolls.
    Its popular too in Canada...
    Its snowing like crazy now, and temp -12'c.
    You have a fun weekend, simpan satu lagu dalam hati.

    1. Hello Shane, you love Hello Kitty dolls ah? hehe
      Its snowing already, hope you restock your food supply etc and make sure you wear a winter jackets :)
      Have a nice day.


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