Wednesday, 1 May 2013

WW : Baby Izul with his sun bear

syoknya peluk sun bear :D

yeah dapat hisap telinga sun bear. yummy yummy

yuck telinga sun bear tidak yummy. hisap jari lagi yummy. 

p/s :: schedule post. mama baby Izul sedang berkursus :P


  1. Hello Rinah, ha ha, I love the pics...'sun bear'. Tada 'moon bear'?
    He's so cute! Ta'lama he'll be turning around, then crawling....then calling ''mum mum...mummy'.
    Babis are so loveable at this stage.
    Pssssst! Bila you going to have another one? Maybe a sister for him?
    Best around when he is 1 year.

    I have a friend, tiga anak, every year one...and all about same height growing up together.
    Have a nice day....make sure you undi a good person come Sunday.
    Best regards.

    1. Hi Uncle Lee, thank you. No 'moon bear' yet. But if I found another bear sure I name it 'moon bear'. hehe
      He already turning around :) and love it.
      haha.. I don't think I'm ready yet. Maybe 4 years coming then.

      Oh, I almost forgot. Its time to undi.
      Sure, will undi the person who always around the community.

  2. so cute.
    dah boleh apa bby izul ni rinah :)

    1. terima kasih cik sue.. baby Izul dah boleh meniarap.. kalau dedulu kepala tak tegak sangat bila meniarap.. now, siap angkat kepala tengok sekeliling.. :)


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