Monday, 27 May 2013

Blogging skills course

Yesterday, I'm attending a "Blogging Skills" course at AMC The School Of Business.
We learn how to make a blog, naming URL and etc.
I learned a lot from this course.
Glad I'm join this course.
Also I meet a new friends who I consider as auntie but they look so young.
Can believe they already 40++.
Wish when I'm old, I can be like them.
Hello Auntie :) Its nice to meet you! "if you happened to read my blog"
That's all for now. I'm gonna continue my work.
See you next post :D

Take care.


  1. Wah bagus tu Rinah join blogging skills course. Yang penting, kita kene praktikkan apa yang dah dipelajari. Sharing2 lah sikit apa yang Rinah belajar tu..hehhe...

    Uni recently posted : Apa Yang Berlaku Selepas Bersalin

    1. Pengajar ajar yang basic je kak Uni. Mostly, yang aku dah belajar dekat google. hehe

  2. wah best oo..ada pula blogging course..aku mo ambik graphic skill..sedng mencari masa sisipan..maklum la anak jaga sendiri..

    1. Ada kak Lina. Aku apply di
      klu graphic skill mcm nda byk U atau kolej yg tawarkan part time course kan? dah survey KYS?


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