Thursday, 11 April 2013

Red FM

Hari-hari aku di opis dengar channel radio nie.
Lucu dengar kelatah dj. Kadang tersenyum aku sendiri.
Kadang terus ketawa kuat dengar jokes dorang. hahaha
Best! Korang pun cuba dengar.
Lagu-lagu pun nice. Biarpun ulang-ulang :P

p/s :: esok aku late ke opis, ada meeting ibubapa dan guru kat sekolah my Iful. hope takde complain apa-apa dan prestasi pelajaran my Iful meningkat. Amin

p/s II :: kerana UBS accounting aku busy. napalah smart lock @ dongle ini old school betul. huhuhu

Take care.


  1. Hello Rinah, when in office, or listening to the radio, ulut your hands.
    In your case with baby, hari2.....Or when watching TV.
    Oh ya, go beli tu Chinese metal balls. They murah...KL Central market or any Chinese medicine store, or handicraft shop will have them. Ada 2 sizes, for man, women.
    Play with them, you'll feel good.
    Best regards.

    1. Hi Uncle Lee, ya.. syok urut-urut tangan sambil dengar radio..
      But most heaven if someone urut kan.. haha
      Chinese metal balls ah, will try it later..
      Have a nice and relax weekend.


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