Monday, 5 December 2011

Beat the bitch by Tess Stimson

السلام عليكم & Hi :)

++ Beat the Bitch by Tess Stimson ++
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Book Details 

Want to keep your man all to yourself? If so, you need to read this book. In Beat the Bitch , Tess Stimson, self-confessed scarlet woman and wronged wife delivers a self-help book with a difference. Written in short, snappy chapters and packed with unmissable advice, anecdotes, quizzes and humor, Beat the Bitch tells every woman things she won't want to hear - but needs to. From this book you will discover: how to put the spark back into your relationship? Whether your partner is vulnerable to attack from another woman? How to find out if he is really being unfaithful...and exactly what to do if he is. Beat the Bitch will be the must-read self-help title of 2009. As Tess herself says, should the worst come to the worst, Don't Get Mad - Get Diamonds.

  • Buku nie aku main ambil je. Coz baru sampai kat library KK. Kengkonon nak jadi 1st reader. hahaha :P Buku nie banyak bagi point-point untuk kita ketahui samaada suami kita curang atau tidak. Paling best dia siap bagi tahu kita apa yang perlu kita buat dan cara menanganinya!

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