Monday, 24 October 2011

MCD Quarter Pounder with Cheese

السلام عليكم & Hi :)

Happy monday! Did you guys enjoyed the weekend?
I had a great weekend :"D
Lepaking at home with hubs and baby is fun activity.
Doing house chores, watching movie, reading[except hubs] and bla bla bla together.

This morning, my turn to send baby to school.
We have to walk faster because I need to catch my bus :P
On this Wednesday, I have to register baby at SUI --> Sekolah Ugama Islam.
I'm gonna need the cash ;)

The MCD Quarter Pounder with Cheese coupon below :-

Till 25 Oct 2011!!!
Redeem now ;)

For today lunch I get myself to try a KFC tom yam crunch.
The taste is not so good because it didn't too spicy.
I'm more prefer the hot & spicy :'D
Gotta go now. See you tomorrow *^-^*

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