Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Winner Announcement Contest Akira Gaya Raya

السلام عليكم & Hi :)

Read this post to know about this contest ---> Contest Akira Gaya Raya di suriafm sabah
Already read? You can proceed now ;)

Actually I don't expect to win this contest. But it happen.

Winner annoucement for the 2nd weeks contest on night of 28th August.
But I didn't know. Coz I didn't online.

On morning of 29th August, I sms mama syaffieq and ask her to check the winner annoucement  at suriafm sabah facebook.
She gladly inform me I win this contest.
Me excited run to Mak house and tell her about my win.
Mak also excited and asked me to take the the prize as soon as possible.
When I call suriafm sabah office, they ask me to collect the prize on 5th September.
But I can't and ask my sister to take on my behalf.
Below is my sister photo with the prize :)

Taken from suriafm sabah facebook.

I'm planning to bake a chocolate cake with the oven ;)
But I didn't have the enough time.
So yeah. The oven still new for the moment :P


  1. salam singgah!! tahniah :) blela share kek dngn kami semua

  2. @Nurul Aima Hj Kaim
    Wasalam. Terima kasih :)
    Insya Allah akan share kat sini kalau jadi keknya :P
    Kalau takde faham2 lar. FAIL. hehe


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