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Vacations from hells

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:: Vacations from hells ::


Vacations from Hells is a story anthology with contributions by Libba Bray, Cassandra Clare, Claudia Gray, Maureen Johnson, and Sarah Mlynowski. Five short stories about un-natural events.

In the first story, "Cruisin'," Kristin finds herself on a cruise ship rumored to be plagued by a mysterious vampire. But no one will ever suspect the truth...

# Aq ingatkan dorang teenager yang biasa2 je. Rupanya vampire. LOL

"I Don't Like Your Girlfriend," is the story of two enemies who are forced to bunk with each other for a week in a tiny, claustrophobic cabin. The only catch? They're both witches!

# Blur aq dengan citer nie. Tak masuk akal. Nasib fiction. hehehe

In "The Law of Suspects," sisters Marylou and Charlotte are enjoying a peaceful, if strange, vacation in the French countryside...that is, until Charlotte meets two mysterious young men and uncovers an ancient curse...

# Lebih kurang macam kena sumpahan keturunan. Except nie citer bukan ikut keturunan. Tapi kepada pendengar cerita tersebut. hehehe

"The Mirror House," takes place in sunny Jamaica. Violet is on a vacation with her mother, stepfather, and stepbrother on an island paradise, but she's not having any fun. She's mostly bored, and concerned about her stepfather abusing her mother...that is, until she questions a servant and discovers that the beautiful woman living next door is really a witch--and she's preying on Violet's stepbrother's soul!

# Padan muka bapa tiri dia :P Bagus gak witch nie. Sanggup tawar menawar lagi untuk mangsa dia. hehehe

The final story in the book, "Nowhere is Safe," is by far the scariest of them all. It is the story of four young backpackers journeying deep into a European forest. Little do they know that one of them will soon become the subject of an unpleasant prophecy, and that they will soon participate in a gruesome ritual and witness an uprising of the dead to get revenge for their unfair murder.

# Aq memang dah agak yang bebudak kampung tue yang jahat. Orang kampung tue tak nak lagi mengamalkan ritual pemujaan tue. Tapi generasi muda yang over. Konon nak lebih power lar. Memacam je. hehehe

Overall, buku nie best. Cerita light2 je. Takde lar seram ke apa2 ke. Biasa je. Enjoy ckit buku yang light2. Tak pening sangat kepala nak faham cerita tue. hehehe. Nak sangat baca novel Nicholas Sparks "The Last Song". Tapi kat library orang pinjam je. Malar dari tahun lalu lagi. Still takde kesempatan. Gerammmmmm. 

P/S ~> reading romance novel *-^

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