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English movie

السلام عليكم & Hi :)

Weekend, aq dan baby takde jalan kemana-mana. Takde bajet nak jenjalan kan :P
Jadi aktiviti seharian hanyalah bermalas-malasan sambil menonton dvd yang dedulu punya.
Lama betul tak menonton dvd. Selalu tengok dari pendrive je. Kalau baby plak selalu dok layan kartun je memanjang. hehehe

1 Knight and Day
# Hero - Tom Cruise *-*
# Heroin - Cameron Diaz

# Synopsis

Knight and Day follows the adventures of Roy Miller (Tom Cruise), a rogue spy, and June Havens (Cameron Diaz), a car restorer. We see Miller watching Havens, and he bumps into her a couple of times as they go through security at Wichita Airport. Havens is making her way back home to Boston from Wichita after picking up spare parts for her deceased father's classic GTO car, which she is restoring for her sister as a wedding gift. Even though she has a confirmed reservation for her flight, she is told at the gate that it is overbooked. Miller is able to board, whispers to her that she is better off taking the next flight. Unbeknownst to Havens, FBI Special Agent Fitzgerald (Peter Saarsgard) is monitoring Miller's movements and, believing she is working with Miller, puts her back on the flight list.

On board the flight, Havens notices that there are only 4 or 5 other people present. She relaxes with a drink, and Miller chats about his dream of someday driving to Cape Horn while he checks out the other passengers. She is charmed, and goes to the restroom to freshen up. While she is occupied, Miller is attacked by the remaining passengers and crew. All are dispensed, including the pilots. After she emerges from the restroom Miller calmly informs her that everyone onboard is dead. Thinking that he is joking, Havens plays along until Miller enters the cockpit. In a spell of turbulence, she notices the dead bodies falling over in their seats, and spilling onto the aisle. Miller lands the plane on a highway, but skids off the end of the road into a corn field. Miller gives Havens a drink, and explains that she may be questioned by various officials. She is not to get in any vehicle with them, nor accompany them if they suggest taking her away to a "safe" place. Havens passes out due to a knock-out drug in the drink, but awakes at home amongst clues that Miller brought her there, ensuring her safety.

Havens struggles through the day trying on bridesmaid dresses for her sister, April's (Maggie Grace) wedding. Talking over what to do with their dad's GTO car Havens is shocked to learn that April wants to sell it. She is lured out of the shop and is accosted by a group of intelligence agents who, with assurances that she will be safe, drive her away. She is shown some files pertaining to Miller, and is questioned by the agents to determine if she is working with him. Suddenly, Miller shows up, and with much shooting and acrobatics, "rescues" Havens.

Havens doesn't know who or what to believe and flees to the firehall, where her former boyfriend, Rodney (Marc Blucas), works as a firefighter. Upon hearing her story he thinks she is merely stressed from the wedding, and takes her out for pie. While they are chatting, Miller arrives and kidnaps Havens. He handcuffs her and shoots Rodney in the leg, telling him this will all turn him into an overnight hero and virtually guarantee his desired promotion to lieutenant.

Miller explains that Havens is safer with him; and Havens agrees to follow him as they go to pick up Simon Feck (Paul Dano), a genius inventor who created a perpetual energy battery called the Zephyr. Miller arrives at his safe house in New York City where he left Feck. He is missing, but has left clues that he can be found on a train in Austria. The two are immediately ambushed by men belonging to Antonio (Jordi Mollà), a Spanish arms dealer. After Miller again drugs Havens, she drifts in and out of consciousness between their capture and escape from Antonio's men. Miller brings her to an island that is off the grid, which he calls his home. After leaving Miller in frustration to wander the island, Havens notices a message on Miller's cell phone with a Boston address. While studying this, her cell phone rings, showing her sister's caller ID. In answering the phone, she accidentally leads Antonio's group to the hideaway. They try to kill Miller and Havens with a remote drone.

Again knocking out Havens, Miller transports them to a train heading through the Alps. Havens awakes alone and, missing a message from Miller, leaves to get breakfast in the dining car where she encounters Danny (Rich Manley), a German assassin. When she looks at the message, she realizes that Feck is with Miller, and Danny is someone else. Using tricks learned from Miller, Havens manages to survive, and Danny is eventually knocked out of a window by Miller and presumedly killed by a train coming from the opposite direction.

Miller puts Havens and Feck up in a hotel in Salzburg, and heads to a meeting with a mysterious beautiful woman. Havens follows him, and hears him make a deal to sell the Zepher to Antonio. Havens is picked up by the CIA and meets the director of counter-intel, who confirms that Miller is a rogue agent, and gives her a pen to signal them when she is with Miller and the Zepher. Miller meets her back at the hotel, and shows her the Zephyr, which is now showing signs of overheating. Havens uses a pen transmitter to notify the agents, but Miller escapes to the roof-tops. After leading the CIA agents on a chase, Miller is apparently shot and falls into a canal.

Havens is sent home by the agents in time to stand at her sister's wedding. When Havens hears the song that Miller used as his ring-tone, she heads to the address she remembered from his iPhone. She meets the people at the address, and realizes that they are Miller's parents. She learns that Miller's real name is Matthew Knight. They believe their son, a former Army sergeant and Eagle Scout, is dead; but they are fabulously wealthy from winning lotteries and sweepstakes they don't remember entering.

Havens leaves the Knights', and calls her own voice mail, leaving a message that she has the Zephyr. She is quickly captured by Antonio's men and taken back to Spain. She is drugged with truth serum, which makes her relaxed and happy. Antonio realizes that she doesn't have the Zephyr, and the only way he can get the device is to pay Fitzgerald who has kidnapped Feck. Miller has been following Feck using a tracking app on his iPhone, and stumbles upon Havens in the Spaniard's compound. Havens is rescued as she is being taken out for execution. They pursue Fitzgerald and Feck on a motorcycle, while eluding Antonio's men during the Running of the Bulls.

Fitzgerald is able to escape in an amphibious plane with the now extremely hot Zephyr while Miller is grazed by a bullet as he saves Feck. Feck comments that the battery is unstable. As they watch the plane climb, the battery explodes, killing Fitzgerald.

Miller collapses from the gunshot wound, but wakes in a hospital. He receives an apology from the director (Viola Davis), who tells him that he routed out a corrupt team. He asks about Havens, and is told that she has returned home. He is warned that he can't be distracted, and must forget her to continue with his job. The Director also explains to Miller that the Agency will "Transfer you to a secure facility tomorrow, for your safety" using the same wording that he warned Havens about. As they leave, a nurse enters, and gives Miller his medication. Miller realizes that he's been drugged, but then sees that the nurse is Havens.

Miller comes to in the rebuilt classic car that belonged to Havens' father. After he asks what day it is, Havens kisses him and says it's "someday." She drives off, traveling along a coastal road past a signpost for Cape Horn. The final scene shows Roy's mom telling her husband that they have just received two tickets to Cape Horn. Though she blames her husband for ordering them by mistake, she insists that they go.

2 The Last Airbender

# Synopsis

The film begins with fourteen-year-old Katara (Nicola Peltz) and her fifteen-year-old warrior brother, Sokka (Jackson Rathbone), near a river at the South Pole. They soon followed some tracks of a tiger seal. When they looked beneath their feet, there was something glowing below. An ice sphere appeared with a boy named Aang and a flying bison named Appa trapped inside when Sokka hits the floor with his boomerang. Unknown to them, Aang (Noah Ringer) is the long lost Avatar - a spiritual figure that holds the world in balance through every incarnation. However, his disappearance allowed the Fire Nation to declare war on the other nations (the Air Nomads, the Water Tribes and the Earth Kingdom) in their attempt to conquer the world. Zuko (Dev Patel), an exhiled prince of the Fire Nation, is on a quest to find the Avatar and bring him as prisoner to his father, the Fire Lord Ozai (Cliff Curtis). Seeing the light that appeared from Aang's release, Zuko and some Fire Nation soldiers arrive at the Southern Water Tribe to demand the villagers to bring out their elderly under the impression that the Avatar must be an old person. But Aang reveals himself as he surrenders himself to Zuko on the condition that he agrees to leave the village alone. On the ship Aang is tested by Zuko's Uncle Iroh (Shaun Toub) to confirm him to be the Avatar. After being informed that he is to be their prisoner for passing the test, Aang escapes using his glider and flies to his flying bison brought by Katara and Sokka. Aang and his new friends visit the Southern Air Temple and he learns that he was in the ice for a whole century and that the Fire Nation wiped out all Air Nomads, including his guardian, Monk Gyatso (Damon Gupton). In despair, he enters the Avatar state and finds himself in the spirit world where he encounters a dragon spirit that tells him to make his way to the Northern Water Tribe to master Water Bending.

While at small Earth Kingdom town controlled by the Fire Nation, Aang's group is arrested because Katara tries to help a young boy (Isaac Jin Solstein) from a patrol. They incite a rebellion by reminding the disgruntled Earthbenders that earth was given to them. Katara is given a Waterbending scroll that she uses to perfect her Waterbending and help Aang learn Waterbending as they make their way to the Northern Water Tribe and liberate more Earth Kingdom villages in the process. During a side track to the Northern Air Temple on his own, Aang is betrayed by a peasant and captured by a group of Fire Nation archers, led by Admiral Zhao. However, a masked marauder, the "Blue Spirit", helps Aang escape from his imprisonment. Aware that Zuko is the "Blue Spirit", Zhao arranges to kill the prince. Zuko survives the attempt on his life. With Iroh's help, he sneaks aboard Zhao's lead ship as his fleet departs for the Northern Water Tribe to execute the plan he and Ozai set up with the scrolls from the Library detailing the spirits there.

Upon arriving, Aang's group is welcomed warmly by the citizens of the Northern Water Tribe. Immediately, Sokka befriends the Northern Water Tribe princess, Yue (Seychelle Gabriel). After a few agreements, a waterbending master, Pakku (Francis Guinan), teaches Aang waterbending. Soon, the Fire Nation arrives and Zhao begins his attack while Zuko begins his search for the Avatar on his own, capturing Aang as he enters the spirit world to find the dragon spirit to give him the wisdom to defeat the Fire Nation. Returning to his body, Aang battles Zuko before Katara freezes him. As the battle escalates, Iroh watches Zhao capture the moon spirit Tui, which with its water spirit counterpart had assumed the form of a fish. Despite Iroh's pleas, Zhao kills Tui to strip the the Waterbenders to lose all of their powers and abilities to Waterbend. Yue explains to everyone that the moon spirit gave her life, willing to gave it back as she dies in the process. With the tables turned, Zhao is drowned by Waterbenders after Zuko and Iroh leave him to his fate. Aang uses the ocean to drive the armada back. Aang now fully embraces his destiny as the Avatar as he, Katara and Sokka prepare to continue their journey to the Earth Kingdom to find an earthbending teacher for Aang. When news of Zhao's death and Iroh's betrayal reaches Fire Lord Ozai, he appoints his daughter Azula to capture both her uncle and Zuko along with dealing with the Avatar before Sozin's Comet returns.

3 Future X-Cops
# Hero - Andy Lau *-*

# Synopsis

A cop travels back in time to take on a corporation that's out to eliminate a doctor who has created a new technology which can break up the monopoly on a energy resources.

Layan 3 movie je. Tue je yang termampu. hehehe :P
Rasa kesal menghantui diri ini.
Kesal sesangat...!!!
Tak dapat gi parkson sale :(
Yang hari tue punya tak aci lar. Lihat entri ini --> Story mory
Sebab tak abiz survey lagi :(
Takde rezeki kali nie. Mama Syaffieq pun tak sempat nak gi nampaknya.


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