Friday, 18 March 2011


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Yesterday :P Balik dari kerja singgah library. Nak return buku.
Then, pinjam majalah Girlfriend. Penat mata asyik membaca novel je.
Kali nie pinjam majalah lagi. Nak pinjam novel melayu, takde yang alaf21 punya.
Ada pun novel dewan bahasa dan pustaka. Itupun novel untuk pelajar sekolah menengah.

Dari library terus ke sinsuran. Beli biskut favorite baby.
Then ke cp. Survey sale kat Doss.
Tapi takde berkenan plak.

Then ke ngiu kee. Beli barang dapur sedikit. Nak stock sikit konon.
Tapi terover beli plak :P
Terpaksa guna transport expenses.
Ish ish.. Sabtu nie tak jadi lar nak gi rumah SIL :(
Bajet dah lari.
Then balik rumah.

Book review lagi *-*


Matthew Cuthbert, an elderly bachelor farmer living with his spinster sister Marilla, had decided to adopt an orphan - a nice, sturdy boy to help Matthew with the farm. The orphanage mistakenly sent a girl instead - a mischievious, talkative redhead who would be of no use at all. She would simply have to go back. But the longer Anne Shirley was there, the more no one could imagine Green Gables without her.

When Anne Shirley arrives at the Cuthberts’ Farm on Prince Edward Island, called “Green Gables, she is a precocious, romantic child, desperate to be loved and highly sensitive about her red hair and homely looks. In her own unique headstrong manner Anne manages to insult the town matriarch, Rachel Lynde in a dispute over her looks; smashes her slate over Gilbert Blythe’s head - when he calls her “carrots” during her first day at school; and accidentally dyes her hair green in an effort to turn her red hair black and salvage her wounded pride.

Marilla Cuthbert is shocked and beside herself to know how she will ever cope with this sensitive, headstrong child so desperate to fit in. But shy, gentle Matthew is always there to defend Anne and hold her up on a pedestal.

It seems Anne is destined to cultivate disaster. She becomes “Bosom” Friends with Diane Barry from across the pond and succeeds in getting Diane drunk by accidentally serving currant wine instead of raspberry cordial, at a tea party.

Diana’s mother and the dour townfolk turn on Marilla for making the wine in the first place. Hence Anne moves from one mishap to the next as her wild imagination and far-fetched antics combine to constantly bring trouble onto her shoulders.
Anne finds her element in the academic world, ultimately, competing neck and neck with Gilbert Blythe who becomes her arch opponent.
Anne and Gilbert go on to win the highest academic accolades, constantly vying for honors at every level. Eventually their fierce rivalry turns to a secret affection, which blossoms into love.

Marilla tries to prevent Anne from seeing Gilbert because of an old war between the Cuthberts and the Blythes. In the end, however, when Matthew dies and Marilla is forced to sell Green Gables, Gilbert gives up a teaching post in the town so that Anne can stay at Green Gables and continue to support Marilla.

One is left with the impression that Gilbert’s and Anne’s lives will henceforth become intertwined. Anne gives up the romance of her youth and prepares to undertake the journey of becoming an adult.


Love this book. Best baca. Anne memang cerdik plus minda cerdas :P Kuat bercakap. Ada je topik dia nak cakap. Then bila dia bercakap tue sampai poet pun dia masuk juga. Best lar. Kalau zaman sekarang sesuai kerja marketing. Laris terus produk. hehehe.

Balik nanti aq memang mengamuk dah nie.
Benci betul aq.
Napa juga dia pukul baby guna hanger. Sampai berbekas lagi badan baby.
Aq balik nie memang sound kaw-kaw sudah nie.
Tak boleh terima betul. Aq dah pesan kalau nak pukul baby pun. Pukul di kaki.
Ini guna hanger lagi. Budak-budak biasa lar nakal.
Ingat dia dulu kecik-kecik tak nakal kah.
Sudah lar aq dan hubs jarang pukul2 baby. [Selalu bagi warning je]
Nie dia plak nak over2 nak pukul.
Benci owh begini :'(
Hal begini lar yang aq tawar hati. Benci betul :x

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