Friday, 25 March 2011

Girl Friday

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:: Girl Friday ::


When Kit and Adam separated after almost fifteen years of marriage, Kit felt like she had lost her lover. But now, a year on from the divorce, Kit has found herself again. Then Tracy, Kit’s yoga instructor, introduces her to Steve – the perfect gentleman – and, for the first time in years, Kit thinks she may have found the right one.


# Penceraian kadang2 ada hikmah yang tersembunyi.

P/S -> reading book by Dorothy Garlock *-*


  1. @Kaseh
    ya kak.. baca buku nie sedikit sbyk ada jg lar berubah persepsi dengan penceraian. Tak semestinya negatif kan. Klu fikir negatif, negatif lar iya. hehehe

    Terima kasih komen :)


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