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BN’s silence over ‘Sulu Sultan’ stokes rumours

KOTA KINABALU: Is the government’s reluctance to immediately act on the proclamation by local businessman Akjan Ali Mohammad that he is the Sultan of Sulu linked to the controversial Project IC and Barisan Nasional’s vote-bank?

Posing the question, a veteran politician here warned that failure to act against Akjan’s self-proclaimation might be miscontrued as accepting his status.

“Why the failure to act? Is it because the government is too weak or because the government needs these Project IC holders for political control for Sabah?” asked Dr Chong Eng Leong, a former Sabah senator.

Chong, who self-published a book, Lest We Forget (Security and Sovereignty of Sabah), said he is puzzled by what is preventing the authorities from acting against the ‘sultan’ and added that ‘no action’ may encourage more foreigners from the neighbouring country to come to Sabah.

“The installation ceremony was done right in front of the authorities’ eyes so where are the police and immigration enforcement units to protect our sovereignty?,” he asked.

Adding to the confusion and embarrassment of the authorities is the fact that Akjan was born in Jambangan, Nipah-Nipah on Nov 23, 1957 but his MyKad states that he was born in Sabah on July 7, 1957.

“Based on the Sulu Sultanate claims, Sabah is part of them now so where is the sovereignty of Sabah within Malaysia?

“If I as a Malaysian say that Sabah is not part of Malaysia certainly I would be arrested on the spot,” Chong said.

Speaking to newsmen here yesterday, Chong reiterated his statement that the number of foreigners (including Project IC holders) in Sabah is now far higher than the state’s original Malaysian population.

Since this is the case, he said it was no longer necessary for the Malaysian government to pay the annual payment of RM5,300 to the Philippine government because the “reverse takeover” has taken place.

“Sabah took part in the formation of Malaysia primarily because of security and sovereignty within Malaysia and we want to stay that way.

“I sincerely appeal to all genuine Malaysians in Sabah to please impress and urge upon the central authorities to act, not just offer lip service, for the sake of our national sovereignty and security,” said the surgeon.

Silent Umno stooges

In another development, the state opposition is baffled by Sabah Umno leaders’ deafening silence over the Sulu Sultan’s coronation issue.

Sabah Progressive Party Youth chief Edward Dagul said it was unusual for “Umno’s stooges” to be quiet when it involved one of their members.

“Despite the anger and anxiety felt from Sabahans on this issue, the deafening silence on Umno’s leaders part boggles the mind.

“It is worthy to note that in the past, even if the Chief Minister or any other Umno leaders refuse or cannot comment on certain issues, one can always count on a few of Umno stooges from the other component parties to do the barking on his behalf.

“Now, it seems that even these self professed champions of the PTI issue are stumped. This is strange,” said Dagul in a statement yesterday.

He added that the coronation ceremony of businessman Akjan Ali as the self-proclaimed 33rd Sulu Sultan in Kota Kinabalu has stunned many in Sabah.

“The audacity to have the ceremony here in Sabah and to consequently make it public is a big slap in the face of the Malaysian authorities.

“This is a question of the country’s sovereignty and there should be no compromise when it comes to sovereignty and national security.

“Whilst many share the view that a commission of inquiry is best, but does this act not warrant at least an investigation from the Federal Home office?” he asked.

Tak pernah habis-habis lagi kes nie. Tak penat ke balik-balik bangkitkan kes nie? Tak tahu nak cakap apa lagi.

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