Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Hang Out and Birthday Party Baby Syaffieq

Salam & Hi :)

I'm having a great day yesterday with Ema and Airyn. A day full of fun and window shopping :P We also managed to watch movie DEATH BELL 2 BLOODY CAMP :) Memula tengok rasa macam horror sangat. Tapi sampai part ada darah2 keluar tue rasa loya pun ada. Tapi best juga lar tengok movie nie. Berbaloi juga kami tengok. Paling kagum dengan baby. Langsung tak rasa takut apa pun. Mak dia yang over siap terjerit2. hahaha :P Ada juga scene yang tak berapa sesuai untuk tontonan kanak2, so aq terpaksa cover mata baby :)


In a follow-up to "Death Bell" (2008), a high school student and swimmer Jeong Tae-yeon (Yun Seung-ah) is found dead in a pool. Two years later, teacher Park Eun-su (Hwang Jeong-eum) joins the high school where Tae-yeon's stepsister Lee Se-heui (Park Jiyeon) is haunted by nightmarish visions and is bullied by student Eom Ji-yun (Choi Ah-jin). Eun-su finds it difficult to get respect in school and is backed up by an older teacher Cha (Kim Soo-ro). Se-heui and her classmates are selected for a "study camp" held at the school during summer break. The school's swimming trainer is murdered in the showers and the words "When an innocent mother is killed, what son would not avenge her death?" found scrawled on a blackboard. A voice warns the students that they'll all be killed unless they can answer who is the murderer and why. The students and teachers find themselves locked in the school when more deaths begin to happen.

Lepas tengok movie. Jalan2 pusing CP cari baju aka window shopping ;) Ada beberapa helai baju yang aq minat sangat. Tapi tak sesuai plak untuk aq coz badan aq yang sedikit chubby ini :P Baby plak lebiy excited nak berjumpa dengan baby Syaffieq. Siap tanya bila nak pergi. Tapi bila sampai kat sana. Takde plak rasa excited. Terover manja adalah. Before jumpa Ema dan Airyn sempat lagi aq g DBKK hantar surat. Lepas tue singgah libarary pinjam buku untuk baby :) Memula tue nak cari buku sambungan cerita The Summoning tue. Tapi takde plak :( So, pinjam je novel melayu. Rasa malas nak baca novel english selagi belum dapat sambungan cerita The Summoning tue ^^

Birthday Party Baby Syaffieq

Happy 2nd Birthday Mohammad Syaffieq Daniel :)

May Allah SWT bless you.

Love you baby syaffieq ^_^

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