Monday, 13 December 2010

Mom's Outing

Salam & Hi :)

Outing ngan Mama Afiq. Enjoy the pic.

Venue : Pizza Hut CP
 mama & baby :)
mama & afiq :)

Venue : Super Saver 2nd Floor CP

Venue : Palm Square CP

Hari yang terlalu singkat. Masa mencemburui kami.
Around 7ish gitu chow da x(
Sempat belikan baby 1 pair Bata school shoes.
Thanks Mama Afiq for the treat :)
Next time, we'll go outing my treat again.
Love and hugs xoxo

p/s ~> 2 pic above are from Mama Afiq mobile..The rest pic is from my mobile[bad quality xP]..

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