Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Malware detected

Tak boleh buka blog yang ada pasang iklan nuffnang.
Semua pun kena bagi warning "Malware detected".
Oh,  untuk pengetahuan korang aku guna browser Google Chrome ya.
Tak tahulah kot kot Google Chrome nie yang bermasalah ke apa?!
Ada juga blogger-blogger yang lain kehilangan gambar.
Harap blog aku pun tak gitu.

Take care.


  1. hye rinah..
    cik su pon guna goggle crome jugak..

    done milkadeal 4 u ;D

    1. @QasehnyaRania

      hye cik su *lambai2 tangan
      best kan guna google chrome.. user friendly..

  2. Hi Rinah, make sure your computer has security programs running to protect your computer.
    Do not open any emails you don't recognize....don't put any awards in your blog.
    All awards have cookies, some can be malicious.
    As you will note, I don't put any links, awards in my blog, except for pics that has been mandi bunga in my Apple computer.
    And I do not open any emails I do not recognize.
    Be careful always.
    Have a nice day.

    1. @Uncle Lee

      Hello Uncle Lee, thanks for the advice. Really appreciate it.
      Have a great weekend.


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