Friday, 1 June 2012

1st June

السلام عليكم & Hi :)

1st day month of June.
My favorite month.
My birthday will be coming soon! Can't wait to see my rainbow birthday cake :D
And my baby bump is 2months on my birthday ;P
My son 7th years birthday :)
And so much happiness, good news etc! #pray


  1. salam Rinah..

    aku x tau la aku nampak ko ka tu tadi..ko ada pg sn Wisma Pertanian?

  2. @N.Aima K

    wassalam sis Aima,

    teda plak aku jln p wisma pertanian. maybe pelanduk dua serupa kot. hehe

  3. oh salah org kali..malar ja dia senyum aku ingt blogger sudah ha ha..trus ingt ko kih kih kih

  4. @N.Aima K

    jgn2 blogger kali jg. tdk pun customer Anggun Rapi. tue yg senyum dgn kak Aima. hehe


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