Monday, 19 December 2011

Movie marathon

السلام عليكم & Hi :)

Aktiviti weekend aku selain jalan-jalan ke First Beach Tanjung Aru untuk makan jagung dan keropok lekor. terbaikkkkkkkk :D

The Wedding Game (2009)
The story begins when Jack (Christopher Lee) publicly proposes to Sue (Fann Wong) during the live telecast of a regional awards show. Surprised but happy, Sue accepts. What the public doesn't know is that the entire love affair is an elaborate and meticulously planned ruse designed by their ambitious managers May and Tom. In reality, Jack has disliked Sue from the first day they met and vice versa. But through it all, the two stars keep up with the charade. Just when everything is going so well, an incident has rattled some of the fans and the media. There is doubt now lingering about the authenticity of this love match.

Ini movie aku pernah tengok dulu di tv. Tapi aku nda ingat sudah cerita dia. Aku perasan pun time part akhir sudah. Anyway, movie nie best. Lucu lagi!!! hikhik

Aku Masih Dara (2010)
"Aku Masih Dara" tells the story of three friends, Aleesya, Sofea, and Hani who come from different backgrounds. All three have different interpretations of Islam based on how they were raised. Their different perceptions on religion do not interfere with their friendship until the appearance of Firdaus, Aleesya's religious cousin. After witnessing his cousin's wild lifestyle, he keeps advising Aleesya to change her lifestyle, to the point that Aleesya starts to resent him!

Entah nak cakap apa.

Al Hijab(2011)
Rafael (Pierre Andre) is an actor who doesn't believe in ghosts. One day, he's offered the lead role in a horror movie and is very excited to carry it but fails to get into the groove due to his beliefs. He travels to many apparently haunted places but sees nothing that will help him act the part. His girlfriend Qiss (Fathia) tells her mother about Rafael's plight and finally she reveals to him what "hijab" is. It is said that Rafael will finally "see", if his "hijab" is open.

Aku tak tahu ending dia camne kerana aku tertidur! Aku tengok sampai part dia dibuka hijab oleh Mak Itam je. Selepas tue, aku tak tahu. Nak tengok balik, malas plak. LOL

Hello Ghost
A depressed and lonely man, Sang-Man, starts seeing ghosts after attempting suicide many times. An orphan and a loner, who has been alone all his life, Sang-Man suddenly finds his world turned upside down when he starts seeing four ghosts: a chain smoking cab driver, an alcoholic/pervert grandfather, a constantly crying woman and young kid with an insatiable sweet tooth. Learning from a psychic that he cannot get rid of these spirits until he fulfills their last desires, Sang-Man allows them to possess his body. While carrying out their individual wishes, Sang- Man discovers the pleasure of daily life and forgets about his own loneliness and depression.

Kelakar sangat. Tapi lepas dia dapat tahu kebenaran terus sedih :'(

Karipap Karipap Cinta (2011)
Ali (Gambit Saifullah) is a well-behaved man but lacks ambition. He works in a company that publishes a political newspaper and also mystery magazine. His job is to take photos of places that are scary and doctor the photo to make it look like there is a ghostly presence in the picture. He later falls in love with Sarah (Melia Aimellia) who works in the same company as a cartoonist. As he tries to court her, he gets involved in a convoluted scandal involving Ali's boss and Sarah's father over a confidential document.
Aku nda tau apa yang romantik di sini!!! Seriously. Tapi komedi memang ada. Lepas tengok cerita nie, baby terus order nak makan karipap. Bingung aku sekejap memikirin mana mau dicari karipap memalam jual di Tanjung Aru. LOL.

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