Thursday, 30 June 2011

Birthday Baby 6th Year

السلام عليكم & Hi :)

My baby Mohamad Shariful turning 6th today :)

I almost can't believe my baby already 6th year :) [mood dramatik]
Time flies so fast. 
But my baby still didn't have a new siblings ;P

1st cake for baby 6th birthday.

IDK what happen to the edible image -.-

Baby tidak sampai hati mau potong kek dia :P

Adorable ^^

Goodie bag for baby classmates.

2nd cake for baby 6th birthday.

Posing dulu ;D

The birthday girl and boy :) 
Baby sorang je lelaki lahir bulan 6. LOL

Semangat betul my baby tiup lilin owh. hahaha

Baby close up.
Blur. Tapi comel ;)

Blur juga.

Baby macam perempuan je. Erkkkkkkk ;P


Blur juga

Dapat gift dari cikgu yaneh :)

Our heart moment :)

Sakit masih tangan aku gara-gara dukung baby. huhuhu

Dear Mohamad Shariful,
Happy birthday baby. May Allah SWT bless you. Amin
Deep in my heart you'll always remained as my baby even though you already grown up.
Mama Baby love you so much baby <3

p/s ~ Don't grow up to fast baby ;)

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