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Her Lone Cowboy | Dream Date With The Millionaire | Greek Boss, Dream Proposal | Just Married!: Kiss The Bridesmaid, Best Man Says I Do

السلام عليكم & Hi :)

4 buku telah habis dibaca.
Romance novel ;P
Cerita dia semua sweet je. About love and marriage also. hehehe
Tapi ada sedih gak T_T

Her Lone Cowboy - Donna Alward

Grouchy Noah was a challenge, but a Noah who started to trust Lily was far more difficult to handle…

Noah Laramie has come back home to run Lazy L Ranch. Injured and now out of the army, he wants to shut himself off from the world.

Lily Germaine is just there to help him, but loner Noah is the most stubborn-as-a-mule man she's ever met. Losing an arm doesn't mean he has to lose sight of who he is. His courage, strength and loyalty make him one in a million. She just needs to convince him of that....

# Nangis juga time c Noah nie nangis confess ngan c Lily :P 
part mana korang baca baru tahu ;)

Dream Date With The Millionaire - Melissa McClone

I'll go on this one date, and if nothing comes of it that's good, isn't it? I've never met a man who can see past my chest - why would this guy be any different?

Dani Bennett is not looking for a man, but her new job requires her to sign up for The last thing Dani expects is to be paired with a devastatingly attractive millionaire! Her poor background and blonde bombshell looks mean she expects Bryce Delaney to take one look and judge her - like all other men.

But Bryce isn't just any man...!

# Lucu
# Laman web dating pun boleh jumpa Millionaire. LOL

Greek Boss, Dream Proposal - Barbara McMahon

'The Greek sun sparkled on the Aegeon sea like a million diamonds'.

On board his luxury yacht, Nikos Konstantinos isn't looking for love. But sharing the breathtaking beauty of the idyllic Greek islands with his pretty new chef is driving him crazy!

Independent, free-spirited Sara Andropolous knows Nikos is a Mediterranean dream, but he's her boss, and she won't risk her business. And there's another, secret reason why Nikos is the most unsuitable man she could fall for....

# Cinta tapi salah ditafsir.
# kaya tapi tak kekayaan yang diwarisi ;)

Just Married!

Two story in One book.

Put on your party dress, grab a glass of champagne and a handful of confetti... Here come the bridesmaid and the best man!
Bridesmaid Samantha Hall didn't expect to catch the bouquet! Nor did she expect to receive a surprisingly attractive proposition from gorgeous guest Ethan Ballard: to be his bride for the day.

Kiss The Bridesmaid - Cara Colter

Reluctant bridesmaid Samantha Hall has no interest in donning a pretty dress - shes's used to hiding her curves behind boyish clothes. But Sam's caught the eye of the most eligible bachelor at the wedding! Ethan Ballard is in the market for a bride - just for a day.

Best Man Says I Do - Shirley Jump

Born to political royalty, Colton St John knows his path is clear before him - until Vivian Reilly, the town's original wild child, arrives back in town for the wedding season. Vivian left on a Harley five years earlier, and he's determined to find out why she ran away..........

Terima kasih.

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