Monday, 14 March 2011

Mari baca buku

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While on vacation on the island of Trinidad, twelve-year old Grace Brewster discovers a faded photo of a man who has the same hand-shaped birthmark over his heart that she has. She remembers the story her mother always told her about an angel who watched over her when she was a baby, sick in the hospital. And somehow, she knows that this must be her real father. The only problem is: how will she find him before her vacation is over?

~ Suspens dan misteri. I lyke it *-^
~ Kadang kala kebenaran tidak patut disembunyikan. 


Stepping into Prince Aleks's turreted castle is like going back in time. Five years ago he didn't tell Sara he was a prince, now he's wearing a crown!

Sara once loved Aleks with all her heart, and she feels like the center of his world again. Yet she can't help feeling that there are more secrets to be revealed….


The Rules of Survival is the story of a teenage boy who is trying desperately to save his younger sisters, and himself, from the very real dangers of life with a very disturbing and dangerous woman: their mother. It's a riveting read guaranteed to generate intense discussion among students, not only about the book, but also about real life.

The book's many strengths make the novel a compelling choice for teaching and discussion. These include the following:

  • Strong, resilient children who protect each other
  • Realistic and easy-to-follow language; short chapters make the book more accessible to reluctant readers
  • Plot and format draw reader into story quickly; there is an uusual and involving writing style that uses direct address ("you"), as narrator recounts past events to an unseen listener
  • Complex, three-dimensional characters that readers can identify with, who have realistically positive and negative qualities
  • Adults are shown working together to rescue children from a dangerous and potentially deadly situation
  • Provides opportunities for discussion of difficult topics, such as abuse or evil and how to survive it, what constitutes a family, and how sometimes children must be protected from their own families
The book's risks, which could make the book an edgy choice in some teaching situations, include the facts that the novel portrays a violent and manipulative mother who endangers her children physically and psychologically, a distant and uninvolved father, and some adults who choose to ignore that children are in a dangerous situation.

~ Realiti pun still ada kejadian begini. 

Weekend plan nak jenjalan cancel. Coz cuaca yang tak mengizinkan. Dapat lar aq habiskan membaca 3 buah buku nie.
Baby plak belajar ABC dan memain.
Jumaat tue tak dapat tidur dengan nyenyak coz kejadian tsunami di jepun. Then, ada pengumuman suruh berjaga-jaga dengan air laut yang bergelora. 
Tapi kat tempat tinggal aq malam tue, takde air pasang. Alhamdulillah.
Kesian kat orang jepun :'( 
Minta dijauhkan lar musibah..

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