Thursday, 10 March 2011

Expecting miracle twins

السلام عليكم & Hi :)


After agreeing to be a surrogate mother for her best friends, Mattie Carey can't wait to give them the biggest gift of all. She's put aside her dreams of finding Mr. Right and has set her mind on her new role.

Moving to Sydney, the last person Mattie expects to meet is her perfect man. Jake Devlin, her temporary flatmate, is cheeky, charming, intriguing... But it's so not the right time for Mattie to fall in love...


Entah kalau kat mesia, ada tak istilah ibu tumpang? Maybe ada kot. Tapi dirahsiakan. hehe
Aq tabik spring sangat kat Mattie nie. Sanggup juga dia jadi ibu tumpang untuk kawan baik dia. Entah kat realiti nie ada ke tak orang macam nie? Sudah tue twin baby lagi. huhu
Pengorbanan dia memang besar. Takkan terbalas dengan harta dunia. Aq baca nie pun rasa terharu sangat. Part bikin suspens yang dia nak bersalin sudah. Takut juga aq kalau tetiba dia mati kan. Coz tak nak lar ending sediy :P Apa pun gembira juga dorang bersama juga dengan Jake. He is such a nice guy :P Erkkk!!!
Korang baca ya *-^

P/S ---> Reading book by Nancy Werlin {Edgar Award Winner}

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